Sunday, August 29, 2010

Cold War

I’m going to ask a question, I’m really not sure why
I hope that there’ll be honesty if you should reply
Say someone turned up now and into your kitchen strayed
Then they opened up your fridge – would you be afraid?
Have you got half a pizza which you have forgotten
And a slimy goo, of tomatoes going rotten
Is there a bowl that’s covered, lurking at the back
You lift the lid standing back, as if it will attack?
Inside maybe some rice, which now has turned to glue
It came with kung pao chicken, or maybe egg fung yu
Is there a piece of something stuck to the icy wall
You know not what it is – if it ever was at all
One day you know it’s time, and you throw it all away
You clean from top to bottom, it nearly takes all day
At last the shelves are gleaming, of dirt there’s not a drop
But hey now we’ve nothing in, let’s head off to the shop!!

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